"Compete to Be Elite"

Sport-specific performance training and Specialized training programs designed specifically for each athlete. All training sessions are conducted, and programs are written and expertly designed by WIL SANTI.

  • Starts at ages 7 and up
  • Training for all levels of athletic ability, from the first-year player to elite high school, college, and professional athletes
  • Group and team training, one on one, one on two, and up

Speed and Agility Training

  • Assessment of current flexibility level, running technique, stride length and power
  • Individual-video study of speed, agility, plyometric and weight-training technique
  • Dynamic warm-up movement, emphasizing increased flexibility and speed/agility enhancement
  • Field work including- form running progression, proper foot strike, knee drive and arm action
  • Agility training, including- change of direction and reaction time drills specific to demands of each sport
Speed and Agility
Power Training

Weight, Power, and Plyometric Training

  • Assessment of current strength level, identification of weaknesses in core, lower body and upper body strength
  • Proper form, technique and progression taught in explosive lifts and plyometric exercises (jump training)
  • Foam rolling technique and proper warm-up and cool-down implemented in each athletes work-out program


Sports nutrition advice and counseling also available.

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Training Location

I utilize facilities in and around the Nashville area and can train at a facility that best suits your schedule and type of training. I'm also available to train school teams at their facilities or at local athletic fields and tracks.