"What the Mind can Conceive, the Body can Achieve."

Specialized training programs designed specifically for each person. All training sessions are conducted, and programs are written and expertly designed by WIL SANTI.

Fitness Training

Take your health to the next level and truly see how great you can be. Included training types are kettlebell, interval, metabolic, 300 work-out, strength and functional, core, boot-camp, and cardio conditioning.

Wellness Coaching

Learn how to build healthy habits and implement them into your life. Learn how to manage your time to fit in a health and exercise program specific to your needs and goals.

Nutrition Counseling

As a certified nutritionist, I will write and provide you with custom nutrition counseling and a guide specific to you and your needs.

Corrective, Rehabilitative, or Special Populations Training

Training for chronic problems, disabilities, bodily alignment, joint replacement, joint repair, illness, and disease.
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Training Location

I utilize facilities in and around the Nashville area and can train at a facility that best suits your schedule and type of training. I'm also available to train school teams at their facilities or at local athletic fields and tracks.